Thirty years in business and still going strong. Our Family of Companies insist on providing quality products with quality service, the two principles on which the company was formed in 1975. Our commitment to making every customer satisfied has defined our past and is setting the stage for our future. Our quest for excellence and dedication to our customers, employees, and quality sets us apart from the rest.

Our History

Founded in 1975, Amergraph began as a film processor manufacturer for the Graphic Arts Industry. In 1979 we introduced platemakers and exposure equipment used in the Offset and Lithographic Industries. In the mid-1980’s, we added exposure units for the Screen Printing Markets to round out our product line. Our latest innovations include our Mini-ME, the world’s first low dose mercury conveyorized UV Curing System, not to mention our very popular Spindex, a revolutionary new way to dispense Screen Printing ink that will change the Ink Room forever.

Through the years we have formed new companies and acquired existing ones. In 1981, we formed HID Systems, Inc., a supplier of replacement lamps for many markets, including Graphic Arts, Screen Printing, Printed Circuit Board, UV Curing, and Indoor Tanning. In 1997, Amergraph acquired the world manufacturing and marketing rights to a line of the historic A.M. Multigraphics printing presses, and at one point were the only American made printing press. In 2001, Amergraph acquired the world renowned film and plate processor manufacturer Logetronics. And finally our latest acquistion: Aerospace Industries, a Federal Government contractor, supplying the Department of Defense with jet engine parts and components. And we won’t stop there: we have more acquistions in the works.

Amergraph’s Family of Companies is proud to say that we have participated in some very exciting projects. Designing and manufacturing the lighting for the International Space Station has been the most exciting one as well as many others.