ULF-28ULF-28 Lamp

With CWX* lighting technology

A multi-purpose light source specifically designed and tested for contact printing with large format and ultra large format negatives with alternative processes, and through the use of specific options, with silver gelatin papers, both contact and projection speed.


The only professional contact exposure system specifically designed for the Alternative/ULF Market. The ULF-28 was bred from the very popular V-28 series of table top imaging systems that have been used in the Litho/Platemaking industries for over 20 years. The ULF-28 uses the latest
Features in CWX* lighting technology. CWX offers instant lamp ignition for the shortest possible exposures. Lamp ramp-up is reduced, thereby minimizing spectral shift.

ULF-28 Light Curtain

  • Table Top, Small Foot Print
  • AdVantage 20 Integrator/Controller
  • Large image area 24” x 28”
  • Vacuum Regulator & Gauge


  • Integrator/ControllerLight Curtain
  • Auto Vacuum Control
  • UV Filter/Holder
  • ND Filter .9
  • Contrast Filter set of 12 (00-5)
  • **Low-Wattage Tungsten Light
  • 20 Channels, 10 Factory Preset & 10 User Programmable
  • Lithium Battery Back-up
  • LED Display
  • Inspection Mode
  • 10% Compensation Key
  • Manual Operation
  • Set Vacuum Delay Globally
  • Manual Lamp Test
  • Program to 1/10 of a unit


      • ULF-28 Controller
  • Electrical: 120v, 60hz, 15a
  • Other electrics available
  • Max. image area: 24” x 28”
  • Size:  30”H, 31”W, 30”D
  • Crated Weight: 200#

* Continuous Wave Xenon
** This is a factory option only! It is an additional low wattage light source that is controlled by the AdVantage 20. With this option, the system has 2 light sources.