V28-VMS Metal Halide

V28-VMS Metal Halide

1200 Watt Table Top Imaging System

Standard Features:

  • Auto Process – The included 20 channel “Scroll – Set” integrator controls the vacuum draw and exposure with pre-programmed sequences. Simply press the start button and walk away!
  • Table Top
  • 20 Channel Scroll-Set Integrator With Lithium Battery Back-up
  • 24″ x 28″ Image
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump


  • Workstand – Handy space saver that conserves
    precious bench space.
  • Light Shield Curtain – To prevent UV exposure of
    photo-sensitive materials in the working area.
    (Retro-fits on all Amergraph V28 models) (Shown in photo)
  • Auto Vacuum – Electronic add-on module that
    automatically switches the vacuum pump ON and OFF.
  • Proofing Filter – KoKomo filter for Color and B/W.
  • Attenuator – Intensity reducer to permit daylight
    contact and dupe exposure.

Recommended For:

  • Aqueous Plates
  • Color Proofing Materials
  • Daylight Films
  • Conventional Plates


  • Instant Start 1200 Watt MULTI-SPECTRUM Metal
    Halide Lamp
     with patented circuitry, exposes
    plates and proofing materials 3 to 5 times
    faster than comparable Mercury Vapor Units
    and does not require cool-down between exposures.


  • The optimal exposure sequence for each
    material or application is programmed and
    stored so each day’s, week’s, and month’s
    work is consistent and error free.


  • Amergraph Exposure Units are recognized for uncompromising dependability and reliability and are backed by an Industry Leading “THREE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY”


  • 20 Channel Integrator (10 Factory Preset, 10 Programmable)
  • Lithium Battery Back-up

Advanced Features:

  • Inspection Mode
  • Manual Operation
  • Set Vacuum Globally
  • Manual Lamp Test
  • 10% Compensation Key
  • Program to 1/10 of a unit


  • Size: 30″H, 31″W, 30″D
  • Electrical: 120V, 20A, 60Hz
    (Other Options Available)
  • Crated Weight: 195#