AdVantage screen exposure systems offer exceptional speed, efficiency and reliability. From welded steel frames to industrial components, Amergraph equipment is built to last. All units have Amergraph’s exclusive One-Hand Operation single bar type latching system and both blanket and glass frames are gas cylinder assisted for smooth safe operation and maintenance. All AdVantage screen exposure systems are backed by the Amergraph Exclusive Three Year limited warranty.

All AdVantage screen exposure units use the AdVantage 20 scroll set integrator/control with Auto-Optimize technology. It features 10 factor pre-set programs controlling vacuum and integrated exposures, plus 10 blank programs to be customized by you! Load the screen, press START and walk away! Fully automatic operation completes the entire process.

Auto-Optimize… the 1 step process

Determining the correct exposure is easy… 1 step… No Guesswork! Auto-Optimize is a unique combination of an embedded software program in the AdVantage 20 scroll set integrator/controller and a Special Test Target, that with just 1 test, determines the absolute optimum exposure. 1 STEP…FAST…EASY…