AdVantage 350

AdVantage 350Direct Screen Exposure System

Standard Features:

  • 3000W Instant-Start Metal Halide Megalume Point Light Source
  • Auto-Optimize Technology will determine the optimum exposure for all materials, in one step. The optimal exposure for a material or application is programmed so each set of materials is consistent and error-free, time after time.
  • Specially designed deep-well blanked for intimate contact, with no annoying air strings.
  • Double gas-assisted cylinders for easy maintenence of unit.
  • Lithium battery backup in our AdVantage 20 Light integrator.
  • Disassembles easily to fit through a 30″ opening.
  • Easy Access Works in a drawer
  • 3/8″ Optically Clear Glass
  • AdVantage 20 Scroll-Set Integrator/ Controller
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • Single bar latching system

Recommended For:

  • Medium format performers are big on productivity.
    Equipped with 3000 watt Instant-Start Megalume
    Lighting System. Built to last with welded steel
    frame, heavy duty controls.


  • Screen Size for Vacuum Frame: 34 x 47
  • Wattage: 3000
  • Amperage Draw: 20
  • Line Voltage Phase: 220/1
  • Replacement Lamp/Qty: 10266/1
  • Overall Size: 48 X 54