Lamp Calibration

This page will show you how to recalibrate your equipment, if necessary. A new lamp must be used, as this procedure will reset your exposure unit’s definition of a ‘light unit’.

Your machine was calibrated at the factory and will not need calibration unless the Lamp Test with a new lamp does not show a number between 80 and 120.

To access the adjustment screw for this procedure, remove the small housing cover on the right side of the lamp head, held by a #1 Phillips-head screw.

  • Scroll to program ‘CAL C’ on the main menu.
  • Simultaneously press ‘EXP SET’ and ‘START’.
  • The readout will alternatively count down from 20 and flash ‘CAL’, and then flash ‘CAL’ until the lamp output has stabilized.
  • Once the lamp output has stabilized, the readout will display a number. Adjust the photosensor such that the number displayed on the screen is between 90 and 110. Some fluctuation of this number is normal.
  • Press ‘START’. The display will flash ‘CAL’ several times.
  • Calibration is now complete. Press ‘RESET’ to resume normal operation.